What You Need to Know about Bitcoin OTC Brokers

29 Oct

As a matter of fact, cryptocurrency trading has been gaining popularity recently. However, one of the cryptocurrencies that have become so popular is bitcoin. At the same time, the cryptocurrency market is usually delicate and a little splash may cause waves that impact on the projects and investors across the world. However, one way to buy or sell bitcoin without inflating or deflating the prices serious is through the OTC bitcoin trading. As a result, you maximize your trading power.

Usually, the regular exchange cannot handle purchasing millions of dollars of bitcoin in a go. Because of this, super-wealthy individuals and those with the trading power choose to operate outside the regular exchange in what is known as bitcoin over the counter. This is, however, possible through a bitcoin broker.

On the other hand, traders seeking to buy a large amount of bitcoin avoid the traditional exchange for various reasons. First, slippage could increase the cost significantly. At the same time, there is a high risk of theft and hacking involved when trading on the regular exchange. Because, of this, OTC trading provides a better option for high volume traders. This option is, therefore, not available for all traders but for certain groups and individual traders.

There are different ways to buy or sell bitcoin over-the-counter. One such way is through the Bitcoin OTC broker. These brokers are specialists in large transactions. The platform provides personalized service to high-volume traders such that they can trade a large amount of bitcoin while avoiding slippage. As a result, they access funds from liquidity providers who hold a large amount of bitcoin.

There are, however, several advantages why OTC bitcoin trading is better than regular exchange. Some of the advantages include the following.

1. Better prices.

Basically, the traditional cryptocurrency market has not yet matured. Because of this, there might not be sufficient liquidity for large trades. Because of this, placing a large trade through the regular exchange may cause the bitcoin prices to move in an unfavorable direction even before your trade is completed. However, OTC trading ensures that traders get one price for one buy order.

2. Quicker trading.

Usually, large trades may take days before they are completed on the regular exchange. However, that depends on the liquidity available. However, there is a guarantee of quick processing times with the OTC trading.

3. Trusted broker.

Often, traditional cryptocurrency exchanges have been targeted by hackers. However, you can avoid the risk by placing your order through a trusted broker.

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